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Dog owners love taking their pets with them whenever they can. At Lifetime Dog Training, we can provide barking control, puppy potty training, and several other obedience training skills to allow your dog to enjoy being in public.


Nose Kisses

Your pets still need love while you are away. This is why we will come to your home to take your dog on walks for dog park visits, exercise, and engagement during long workdays. We also provide pet-sitting for a number of animals during vacations.

In-Home Services

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About Us

At Lifetime Dog Training we believe in teaching not only the dogs, but their owners as well. Our goal is to create a fun and exciting experience while helping increase the bond between you and your dog through quality training.

This is our dream job, and we would like to share our enthusiasm with you and your pup. Old dogs, large, and small, can learn new tricks too, so we welcome dogs of all ages. In addition to training we offer exceptional dog walking and pet sitting services.

David and Amanda have more than 12 years combined experience training dogs. David grew up with animals, and was very active in the training of his childhood dogs. He spent twenty years in the Marine Corps which enhanced his teaching, leadership and communication skills. After retiring he decided to pursue his passion for animals and began professionally training dogs. He has worked as an obedience dog trainer for 6 years.

Amanda’s passion and love for animal care began at the young age of eight. She worked as a volunteer on a horse ranch where she tended and helped train the animals. Her dedication to the animals and the way the animals responded to her, was noticed and people began asking her to help them care for their pets. This is how her career began. Over the years she has walked, trained, and pet sat for many dogs, she has volunteered at animal shelters, caring for and aiding in the pet training process and has spent many years volunteering with Canine Companions for Independence.


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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