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Pet Sitting To Provide Love While You're Away

Unfortunately, there are places where dogs cannot go, but with the help of Lifetime Dog Training in Santee, California, we can be there when you aren't. With pet sitting and dog park visits during walking, we can provide the love you would if you could.

Dog Walking

For people that work long hours, go on vacation, or have medical reasons that prevent them from properly exercising their dogs, we can come to your home and provide dog walking services. We will ensure your furry friend can go potty and exert some energy during the day. Walks can be for an hour or half hour at various times throughout the day, and we will take your pal to a dog park to socialize if able to do so.

Walking Charges

Prices depend on location, but we do have standard rates. For an hour, we charge $30, with $10 extra per additional dog in the household and for a half-hour, our rate is $20 with $5 extra per additional dog in the household .

Dog Being Fed and Pet

Amanda with Hans, Norwegian Fjord

Pet Sitting

It can be stressful for your pets when you are out of town, and taking them to a kennel can add to that stress. With our pet sitting services, we can keep them in the comfort of their own surroundings while offering some TLC. In addition to feeding and exercising dogs, we can also tend to other animals, including:

Cats Horses Birds Chickens

Pet Sitting Fees

For a day and overnight stay, our fees run $85. If we only need to tend to a dog, and take them out for walks, our fees for dog walking will apply.